Alternative musthaves

Hi people ^-^,

today I've selected some alternative musthaves. They're really from now but a little different from the mainstream. What do you think? 
Lace, lace and lace. It's hot right now. I like it, it makes your look classy.  Do you think so too?
Click here to order this short.

The cross ring, I really love it. I don't see much people wearing this but if you combine it  good it will give your look a edgy edge. Click here to order this ring.

The human eye ball necklace not the most normale necklace but it's like the cross ring, if you combine it good it will give your look a edgy edge. You can't buy this in the H & M or something. But if you want one like this click here.
Creepers, actually i don't like them. But some people looks very nice with creepers like  her.
Wanna buy them? Click here to order creepers :D

I really love this ring. It looks so.. snake :3 What about you? I really don't know where  you can order or buy this...
I'll let you know

I don't see many people were band shirts but I know that H & M  and other kind of that shops sometimes sell bad shirts. And otherwise you can always search on the internet.

I'm in love with these boots <3 Actually they're for sale everywhere.
What are your musthaves?

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