Surfing crocodil

Hey guys!

Today I went shopping with a friend of mine. I really like shopping but sometimes I spend too much money. Actually nine of the ten times. I really don't know why 'cause last year I never spend money for nothing.. Well we went to the Douglass (do you know that shop?) and there was special action. You can try one nail polish from the brand Anny. I love all the colors but I definitely want to try a bright summer color. So I chose a green color named Surfing crocodil. The names of nail polish are always really fun like black to back (essence), sky bar (Anny), rainbow connection (O.P.I) or Roskilde (W.I.C) But good, here is the review and I'm so sorry that I don't have selfmade pictures but if I had self made pictures would still use at least one day before I posted something and they have only one layer of lacquer for me..

The color looks now a little bit more pastel but in real life it's a kind of color blocking.

The color of the nail polish looks here exactly like how this color looks on me. But I think she has painted two layers' cause it is not completely covered in one layer.

So.. if you like bright colors and be the center in the winter you really must to buy this nail polish or if you don't want to be the center you can use it in the summer ^-^ Well.. this was my first nail polish review/ swatch

Cheers Tr

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