Column // Thank you, my dear for giving al what I want

Hello, today I was in a really weird spiritual mood.. So I wrote a short profound column .(Short but powerful) Just listen to this (click) while you read this and don't forget to drink some tea. Oh I almost forgot, if you're in a happy mood don't read this, just saying.
Well here comes.

Sometimes you want to do something really big. Make your dreams comes true. Become famous, rich, pretty, thin or something else. But we always forget we already have and what we already are. Maybe you can dance like the wind or you can estimate people like none else. Close your eyes and think about the beauty in the world. Flowers, animals, happy people. We all destroy it to create our own beauty. 
'We never noticed the beauty because we were too busy trying to create it.' I think it's true. Just think about it when you're crying in your bed while the whole word is having fun. Without you.

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