Inspiration // I'm sorry for not living in NY

Most of the people live in the greatest cities. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, New York, the middle of nowhere, Los Angeles, London, in a desert city or the north pole. But I live in Spijkenisse, yay. So if you think here let's go outside making some photographs for inspiration it isn't easy, or is it? Just look down and tell how it looks. -Yes sir, with my brilliant comments off course ;)-

Oh ya almost forget, I'm sorry for being selfish.. now I look back I see there's too much photographs with me :s

There's something strange with blogger but some photographs are small so click on them to watch them as a full size!
-The photographs are on the right side-
One of the photographs of my jump serie.

I think everybody must to have a place for some photographs, it's so cute ^-^

School photographs when I was younger.. we all have right?

There's a special function at this camera: photo editing. I like!
Purple, purple, purple 

I said that we need a close up but he took it too serious :)
I'm still obsessed with jump photographs, like you see.
Last best I say. Photographs with friends are always nice but I don't know.. this photograph haves something special.

Using // Camera Nikon Coolpix s2600/ That little guy my little brother, Vinh
/ photo editor picmonkey/

© Trâm

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