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We all have that days that we want to stay home with your minds right? 'Yeah my life is so boring, nothing ever happen and I don't know what to do..' We all say sometimes thing like that right? So today because I was inspired of myself -how selfish I know haha- here a how to getting inspired post :)
It's just impossible to hate music. It's just that there are two music haters in my class. How weird.. Well, songs can make you cry, laugh, feel happy and off course inspired. I've a wide taste  in music (even though I say so myself) Something for everyone I think ☻

Sugababes - About you now

The hipster song


Niki & the dove-  Mother project (goldroom remix)

Linkin park - Waiting for the end

Yiruma - A river flows in you

Skrillex - Last of first year

Guns 'n roses - November rain

My chemical romance - Teenagers

Whoot that's a whole list. Enjoy it :)

Smile, laugh, have fun.
One of the easiest things to do. Did you know that even if you're busy with a fake smile you that your body is making a fabric what will make you really happy? Mm.. I also should try to smile more.
And making fun is pretty easy. Call your friends or make an unexpected visit. Make sure that your friend is home ;)

Show your face an the outside world
Outside there's much inspiration to find. Even food packaging can fascinate you. Mark my word!

Life experience
It's not that it will happen to you another day so. But you can stimulate it. Book finally that tickets for the concert of your favorite band. Dance in the rain. Go out with your friends for some days. And another things what I couldn't think up.

Lookbook and we♥it are two examples for awesome sites. A lot to see. In recommand you these people: Lua P, Olivia H, Mike Q

Let it be 
If you really can't anymore. Let it go. Go sleeping for a day. And the most times it will be over. I speak from experience.

So.. I can't find any words in my mouth. This was it for today.
Just a random, non original post.

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