I'm stuck just like another brick in that boring wall

Heey guys..
One week ago I thought I had made progess but no today I realised me I'm stuck again. With all my other passions I have that same thing but I thought I wasn't stuck with fashion..

 I really don't know what to do.. Maybe my life is too boring.. So.. I let you know that I'm in a dip so maybe my posts by a kind of really boring. If I'm inspired I'll call you again.. Haha I don't know why but I often suffer from mood swings and because of a hipster video I get hope.
Just click here ^-^ Maybe you never noticed that I love blouses and shorts but know you know. These two video are also fun. Click here and here :) It aren't serious videos so please don't feel you offended if you're a hipster.
Loves Trâm 
PS Some hipster inspiration haha


I love this look c: ♥






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