Inspiration // My drugs

Today my drugs. Inspiration. Examples. Idols or how you will call it. We all have someone who we've always wanted to be, right? Today mine.

Minimalism. In one word Zoé. Less is more and it looks here beautiful.
Actually I don't have a nummer one but there will always be people which are remarkably. Styleheroine is one of them.
Can't discribe her style so here some photographs.

Ronnie makes te most beautiful make up looks. I'm jaelous! 
Also Natelie haves a great style. She also made great photographs. Take a look with me.
-People who are eating food :D I'm sorry I let myself go-

Jenny haves a different style but it's also lovely. She often wears black and like her blogname she's a rock 'n roller.
I was already a fan of Lua on lookbook but her blog is also totally fashion and I actually I want to see more people like her.

Elizabeth have it all. Her hair, personality and her clothes form together one unique person -oke sound chliche I know- 
But if I would choise one word to discribe her I would pick innocent :)

What do you think about them?


  1. Awesome blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :) x

    /Malin @

    1. No I don't. You're blog is also lovely!

  2. Absolutely, I just started follow you on bloglovin, looking forward for new posts!

    /Malin @

  3. omg this is so sweet! <3 Thank you so much :D <333