Update |  Italy and socks in sandals

No I didn't wear socks in sandals when I was in Italy. But some companions did.. Well they're not the trendiest people so I will forgive them. Off course I took my camera with me so I will post some photographs now :) I've post the photographs in a random sequence so it could be taken in Rome, Venice or Florence. Click on read more to see more.

I'm so angry with iPhoto. He deletes almost all my photographs and I can't get them from there to here. I only had the change to save these photographs so I'm really sorry.. Well I will start with blogging from now. I will try to post once in two days. I had tried to write forward but it didn't work because my family is now here. It's so busy here now.. Further I had not really to shop but I still bought some things, stay tuned!


  1. Hee volgens mij heb je hem al hahah!
    Iniedergeval, email me de vraag even (als je het antwoord alsnog wilt) dan kan ik je mijn html code geven die je in die balk moet plakken!


  2. i was there too last ear...in rome i mean i love it, but its not my favourite place in the world though.

    1. So do I think to, maybe because I only did see the churchs and things like that..

  3. Nice pics of Venice! :0
    I was there too this year!

  4. Mooie foto's zeg! Ik ben nog nooit in Italië geweest maar nu ik dit zie zou ik er zo naar toe willen.