I love lipbalm. Accidental this tinted glossy lip balm catched my eye. It looked very pretty so I took it with me to home.
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The first time I saw the lip balm it was out of stock, the colour that I wanted wasn't there anymore. So I waited and waited 'till now :D Last saturday I went with my friend to the Kruidvat and yes it was there. THE NYC gloss lip balm appelicious.
Well.. first the packing is very lady like, I thinks it look a bit like a lipstick. By the way I have the colour pink lady

How cute is that apple instead of the lip balm! The apple is also the caring part of the lipbalm. The smell smells like apples (off course)but sweeter, like apple candy.

On my hand it looks okay, it seems like the two parts of the lip balm don't mix well together but on the lips it's a egal colour. He lubricates fine, just like a labello. Pink lady gives also a really subtile colour and gives a my lips but better effect.
All in all, it's a fine lip balm for a budget price. I'm definlitely going to buy the other colours.

The lipbalm is for sale in the Kruidvat for €2,79 apiece


  1. great review. I love how it looks on the lips too!
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  2. I saw them at Kruitvat, they look so cute!
    But I had no money to spend :(

    Great post!